Testimonials and Reviews

"Kelly, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for being such a wonderful
resource for me in my life!  I have had several readings in my life from various physics
and what I love most about you and the work you do is that you create a safe, nurturing,
consultative environment for me to express myself and my fears.

Not once have you ever made me feel like you were judging me when I asked certain
questions.  Not once have I ever felt like you put your own personal agenda into my

Kelly, what you do and who you are is truly a gift to all who meet you.  Everything you
have ever told me has definitely come true and I most definitely look forward to the rest
of what you told me that life has to offer me and my husband."   -- Wanda

"I have used the services of several psychics over the years and I can say that,
unequivocally,  Kelly Goff is the one to whom I return without hesitation whenever I
need honest input and/or advice from 'spirit'.  Regardless of whether my concerns are
personal or are related to business, Kelly's messages have always been straightforward
and phenomenally accurate."   -- Pat Hammett, Ph.D.

"Kelly has been reading for me for several years.  I keep returning to Kelly because of the
accuracy of the information that I receive that impacts all areas of my life from business
to romance to family matters.  The information that I have received has aided me in
making the right decision on many occasions."   -- M. Vallely

"Kelly, I really enjoyed my session with you.  Cole is such a special dog. I am so happy
he found an insightful voice in you.  Your observations and suggestion are already
making a difference in our life together."   -- D.

"I really loved the pet astrology and compatibility chart I got from Kelly.  It explained so
many things about Sadie's personality and how she sees her relationship with me.  I
think anyone that has a pet should get one!"   -- Lisa

"I recently relocated and my two cats moved along with me.  One of my cats, in
particular, was having a hard time and seemed to be anxious and fearful.  I asked Kelly
to read my kitties in order to better know how to help them both.  Kelly was right on in
her advice and, as a result, both of my cats are happier and better adjusted to their new
home."   -- L. Chastain