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When seeking a psychic’s help, try and be relaxed. Put your mind at ease; be open to what you may receive.

  • Allow the psychic to proceed in his or her own manner. Do not expect your first question or problem to be discussed at once. Be patient.
  • A psychic is not a “MIND READER”! Ask clear and specific questions. Do not try to confuse the reader with false information. Let them know when they are correct. Be fair.
  • Being skeptic is okay but demanding proof, arguing with the reader or wanting to be told only what you want to hear leads to a very unproductive session.
  • Evidence comes in many ways. Names, initials, personal descriptions, etc. Be willing to verify if necessary, but don’t be upset if you don’t get any names, initials, etc for not all psychics may give information in this way.
  • Don’t be too quick to say “no”. Welcome the information even if it means nothing at the time because it may be important later.
  • The true value of a reading is not always measured by prophecy. Prediction is always possible, but you have FREE WILL to make changes. GUIDANCE is the keynote of a reading.
  • Psychic or Intuitive ability is not Fortune Telling. A good reading should give you help and guidance in how to live your life for your highest good.
  • Never try to prolong a reading. The psychic realizes when the energy is gone and the information has stopped.
  • You don’t need a reading everyday! A good rule of thumb is once a month, or even better every three months, six months, or once a year. Yes, there are exceptions like something unexpected happing that wasn’t in the reading or you deciding to take a different direction than what was discussed at the reading may warrant a quick return appointment. Most readers will answer a question or two within a reasonable time (2 weeks) after your reading without charge or making another appointment.